Super-duo Doug and Telisha Williams, from East Nashville, Tennessee, form the heart of The Wild Ponies.

Wild Ponies exude a full, confidently reckless sound but  on the other hand at times it’s as though Telisha is sitting right beside you, fingers on your shoulder, whispering in your ear.

Their songs pull from all manner of sources - poetic tweens, Catawba trees, homophobic politicians, dying small towns, and tarot cards. The tie that binds them all together is the thread of moments and memories, of cycles and seasons, that make up a life well-lived.

Doug - “My favourite songwriters are all people who are curious, who are always looking at words and connections and asking questions - people who pick things up in strangers' houses just to see what the bottom side of the ash tray looks like.”

As independent artists in an uncertain world, Doug and Telisha know they are lucky to be in this Wild Ponies thing. Sure, there are some trade-offs, but that's just the cost of doing business. “To be honest, for us, there aren’t a lot of cons,” Telisha muses. “It’s all an adventure, and we’re in it together — literally, every single mile. Since we’ve been traveling more as a band over the past couple of years, we’re even more aware of how fortunate we are to get to share this dream.” www.wildponies.net


“Wild Ponies just might be Americana’s new dark horses” – Michael Bialas, Huffington Post

“It’s a terrific, raw, robust sound these guys have going on” – Kim Ruehl, No Depression

“Wild Ponies swing emotional wrecking balls with great delicacy” – M Music & Musicians Magazine