Don't be fooled by the floaty dresses and the sunny Californian disposition, Rainbow Girls will come and rock your room by force.

Equal parts Ronettes and Stooges, this 'Electric All-Lady Stomp-Folk Grand Band' have honed their raw bluesy-folk-dance craft by busking on the mean streets of absolutely everywhere. The joy that they get from playing is multiplied ten-fold as their sound fills an auditorium, the Rainbow Girls are more than a band - they're an infectious disease that you want to catch! Roots music has never been so much fun.

We know that they'll be a big hit with any audience because we've seen it happen, time after time. Drums, bass, guitar, accordian, uke, mandolin, washboard, harmonica, banjolele, tap dancing, massive harmony singing - all is combined in a whirling maelstrom of good times from which you will do well to come up for air.

Seasoned travellers, the Girls have already rocked through Europe and the US couchsurfing, playing music on the streets, staying in art squats and occasionally getting deported for being too much fun.

Equally suited to a festival stage or a lively village hall, Rainbow Girls will give you an event that people talk about for months afterward. Check 'em out.