A working musician based by the sea in the North East of England, Paul's work is a highly potent mix of his fluid guitar style, soulful vocals and the production ideas that he expands on so well in his incredible one man show.

A soundman's dream, he hands you a cable and says "The mix will come out of this"...and so it does as he uses live sampling, guitar percussion and layered vocal harmonies to provide a great platform for his wonderful songs to shine. And that's the thing that really matters, quite apart from all the wizardry...he writes great, great songs.

Paul's unstoppable work ethic means that he clocks up on average 20 gigs a month both solo and with his band ‘Delphians’. He has toured in America, whipping up a storm in several little coffee houses across California. While there he performed on a TV show filmed in Time Warner studios in Hollywood, and got his song ‘Brighter Lights’ placed on a nationally distributed and TV advertised folk compilation CD. Through repeat visits to Germany and Holland he has quite the fan-base on the continent too.

Other notable achievements include making it through to the final 10 of Q Magazine’s Glastonbury competition, being named as the hardest working, most gigging songwriter of 2009 by the PRS, and selling over 3000 albums and EPs solely at live performances.